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面向所有学生开发者: 2018年夏季是你通过Hyperledger 实习计划 获得真实世界经验的时候了。我们收集了大量由活跃的区块链开发人员提出并领导实习项目,希望通过与下一代工程师的合作来扩展Hyperledger项目和技术社区。

这是你的从超级账本社区一些领先的技术专家获得一对一指导的机会,可以建立您的项目开发履历,并帮助你投入到更大的超级账本生态系统。我们是否提到过,这些实习还包括奖学金和参加12月12日至15日在瑞士巴塞尔举行的 Hyperledger全球论坛的可能?你可以在任何地方工作!


“超级账本实习计划对每个人都是一个巨大的机会: 实习,导师和广大的超级账本社区。我有幸看到去年夏天的实习生做的报告,并与里斯本的超级账本社区成员有所接触,他们的工作给我留下了深刻的印象。所有有关方面的反馈意见都是积极的。” – Chris Ferris, 超级账本技术委员会主席


Construction is the second largest global industrial sector. Litigation accounts for approximately 10% of the expenditure. The industry suffers from a dysfunctional relationship between the architects, project managers, consultants, developers, and clients. This is a phased project that will model the workflows of a major construction project, in partnership with a leading UK contractor/project management company. The aim is to identify all relevant material prior to the contract being signed, automating the discovery phase of litigation, machining the large data set down to a ‘hearing bundle’ and then assessing ‘needs and interests’ prior to an automated resolution process. This is the first phase of the project and will focus on identifying the workflows and relevant documents, files and other digital material and on assembling them in the blockchain where authentication can take place and a ‘hearing bundle’ prepared.

扩展功能/Hyperledger Fabric中支持以太坊虚拟机(EVM)智能合约和工具

Hyperledger Burrow has created an EVM implementation that is being integrated into Fabric. In its initial phase, Hyperledger Fabric will support EVM bytecode smart contracts in a limited manner. Some of the features that need to be added include support for EVM smart contract events and extending support for the Ethereum API. This project will involve working with and understanding different blockchain platforms and being able to map their differing concepts.

Hyperledger Iroha的Python程序库

Hyperledger Iroha is designed for simple creation and management of assets. This is a distributed ledger of transactions. Interns are expected to make a full fledged Python library for Iroha. Later, in the next stage, we want the intern to maintain the docs of Iroha. There are many missing docs on getting started and about the internal works of Iroha. We expect the student to complete the doc part along with dev work.


The Hyperledger Identity WG intern will be mentored by members of the Identity WG / Hyperledger Indy Maintainers and accomplish two main tasks: learn and develop an iPython notebooks for onboarding new community members and a browser-based authentication app using decentralized identifiers in Hyperledger Indy. This bachelors-level internship has two core goals: experience and contribution.

    • Experience: The Identity WG Intern will create interoperable, open-source code that will educate new and existing Hyperledger community members. Creating an iPython notebook and code sample will be based on their own onboarding into Hyperledger and Indy, using what they have learned in the process and helping the community by identifying what would be more effective in a better onboarding experience. For browser-based authentication with DIDs, Interns will learn critical professional development skills, from working in GIT to understanding the structure of well-formed code, to developing their own tests and proper documentation best practices.
    • Contribution:Through developing both projects (iPython notebooks / code samples and browser-based authentication with DIDs), the Intern will be making an important contributions to future Hyperledger community members onboarding efforts, the Hyperledger Indy codebase and the entire decentralized identity ecosystem.

Hyperledger Composer模型化工具

The Hyperledger Composer modelling language is used by both Hyperledger Composer and the Accord Project, Cicero as an object-oriented data description (schema) language, based on a textual domain-specific language. The intern will be tasked with improving the tooling for the the Hyperledger Composer modelling language, including the ability to generate UML style diagrams and web-forms.

更多实习项目与详情请点击这里, 并查看申请材料和步骤 。请记住, 申请截止日期为3月23日。  

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